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A three step "Zero to Hero" guide to help your school get started in snowsports...


You might simply be interested in giving your pupils a combined educational, sporting and lifestyle opportunity... but we think that with a little coaxing, we can help you engage your pupils in the fun and dynamic environment of schools snowsports competition.


Yes we would like to help you create your own school ski/board team!


There are no barriers to entering your first schools competition. In fact, all we ask is that your team is made up of pupils who have learnt the basics, can safely link turns and manage an uplift tow. You may already have pupils capable of forming a team to compete right now; so all it requires, is for you to enter a team, bring the pupils along, and come and enjoy the whole experience of having your school represented in a Scottish Schools Snowsports competition.


If you have no skiers at all, then the following steps will take you through the learning and development process.


These steps offer information on ways to engage in beginner lessons, develop skills further, and then potentially go on to compete at higher levels, like the BRITISH and WORLD schools champs. What an accolade for any school!


Step 1 - Getting Started

Step 2 - Developing Skills

Step 3 - Try your first Competition


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