For school beginner groups we recommend hiring equipment, but once your pupils become proficient it is not as expensive as you might think for them TO BUY their own...

Once your pupils progress beyond the basics they can source warm clothing skis, poles etc from a number of suppliers for less than the cost of a few of hire charges. Some schools have even applied for funding support from their local authority to obtain their own inventory of ski equipment.

The SSSA does not have preferred suppliers and we do not advocate the use of any solitary supply but if you cannot source what you need from the usual Scottish retailers like Blues, Ellis Brigham, Craigdon, Decathlon etc then SwissTims and other ebay sellers can be good.

SKI SWAP DAY. Some schools have lots of skiers. You can arrange a ski equipment sale/swap day at your school where everyone can get rid of items they have outgrown and buy kit off older pupils.




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