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Every year the SSSA organises more than 30 schools snowsports events across Scotland. Our events attract more than 2500 primary and secondary school pupils to participate in fun, inclusive and accessible competitions for all abilities of skier and snowboarder.

Please use this website find out all about all our events. We look forward to seeing you at one of them.

Established in 1971, the Scottish Schools Snowsports Association has long been appointed by the Governing Body of Snowsports to support the development of Scottish snowsports. Over the decades it has provided many exciting opportunities to Scottish schools and crowned countless school champions. Many of these have been inspired by their success and enjoyment of schools skiing and gone on to engage in snowsports for life. Some have even gone on to represent their country on the world stage.


"The primary objective of the SSSA is to ensure that every pupil in Scotland has the OPPORTUNITY to access inclusive, safe and fun schools snowsports events, and is INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to go on and engage further in regular snowsports activity through school, a local club or with their family, choosing it as one of their sports for life." - Iain Ramsay-Clapham (Chairman SSSA)


The SSSA are hugely grateful to more than 25 organisations who offer their generous support each year to help us deliver equal and accessible opportunities for youngsters to engage in snowsports. We stand together working for one common purpose...


In 2014 Chris Tiso brought the Tiso-Blues group to the SSSA as a sponsor. Since then they have been provided annual funding to cover the significant costs of the SSSA's annual medal and trophy investment.THANK YOU TO TISO BLUES!


In 2023 Rob Birrell agreed to put Rossignol forward as a sponsor of the SSSA to cover the funding for insurances for all SSSA volunteer helpers and all pupils who are not already insured through snowsports clubs. This crucial supporrt allows the committee and event organisers to operate with confidence.THANK YOU ROSSIGNOL!

The fantastic network of Scottish snowsports clubs provide huge support to the SSSA with experienced volunteers and trained officials taking up the mantle of event organisers and crew at events for nothing more than a thank you and a free coffee and bacon roll! THANK YOU ALL! 


Every year more than 15 Scottish snowsports facilities host SSSA events, offering passes at rock bottom prices to help keep costs as low as possible for pupils.THANK YOU ALL!


Since 1971 the SSSA has had a close working relationship with Snowsport Scotland (SSS) who offer expertise and resource to support, promote and bolster all the activities of the SSSA.THANK YOU SNOWSPORT SCOTLAND!

If you or your organisation are passionate about supporting inclusion and diversity in grass roots sport, and looking for an opportunity for brand exposure and a socially responsible role in the Scottish community, we would like to hear from you to discuss sponsorship opportunities with the SSSA. To find out more click the sponsorship opportunities button below or to enquire, please email